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Comprehensive Check up and Clean

The importance of regular check up and cleans

Stepping into a routine of impeccable oral health care is a decision that pays off exponentially. It's about making regular check-ups a non-negotiable item in your routine, much like your daily coffee or gym session. The benefits are boundless, from catching early signs of gum disease to preventing tooth decay. These regular visits to your local dental clinic are your first line of defence against unforeseen dental issues that could potentially evolve into serious complications.

In our Dental Clinic near Perth CBD, we offer a thorough dental check-up and clean service, ensuring your smile remains as radiant as ever. Our experienced team is adept at providing a meticulous examination, professional cleaning, and a tailored plan to maintain and enhance oral health.

The Necessity of Regular Dental Check-Ups for Optimal Oral Health

A routine dental check-up is like having a good friend who tells you the truth, even when it’s hard to hear. These check-ups will allow your South Perth dentist to examine your teeth and gums and catch small issues before they become big problems. Over time, regular dental check-ups and cleaning can save you a lot of money over time.

It’s cheaper to take care of small cavities now than treat serious tooth decay later. Plus, a clean and healthy mouth just feels good. It’s a simple step with big rewards. At Acts Dental, we aim to make your check-up experience easy and worthwhile every time.

Early Detection of Gum Disease and Other Dental Issues

A dental check-up is not just about cleaning; it’s a significant step towards spotting and addressing developing dental problems at an early stage. During a routine dental check-up, your dentist may identify issues like cavities and periodontal disease, which, if left unnoticed, can lead to more complex treatment needs down the line. Bleeding gums is one of the warning signs of periodontal disease. Conditions like heart disease and diabetes have been linked to oral health, highlighting the importance of early detection of dental concerns through regular check-ups.

Monitoring Wisdom Teeth: A Key Aspect of Oral Health

During your check-up at Acts Dental, we also assess your wisdom teeth. These last set of teeth can cause issues like impaction or misalignment. Our team is skilled in identifying potential problems early on, advising on treatments including wisdom teeth removal if necessary. This is part of our comprehensive approach to maintaining your overall oral health.

Using X-rays, dentists can detect problems that may not be visible to the naked eye, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Moreover, many are unaware that dental health is a mirror to your overall health.


The saying “prevention is better than cure” holds especially true regarding maintaining a healthy mouth. Your dental check-up isn’t just about spotting problems, but it’s a crucial part of preventing them from occurring in the first place. Regular cleanings during a routine check-up are pivotal in keeping tooth decay and gum disease at bay.

Preventive dental care is particularly important for children, and visiting a paediatric dentist regularly can help instill good oral hygiene habits from a young age.

It’s not only about preventing dental issues; it’s about avoiding the costs associated with further treatment. By investing a small amount of time and effort in preventive care, you are likely to save significantly on more complex treatments in the long run. Moreover, who doesn’t love the feel and appearance of a freshly cleaned, sparkling smile?

check up and clean

What To Expect During a Check-Up and Clean Session at Acts Dental

Stepping into Acts Dental, you’ll find a friendly and professional environment awaiting you. Our team ensures a comfortable and seamless experience from the moment you arrive for your dental check-up.

The Check-Up

Your check-up begins with a thorough examination of your mouth. This oral exam includes an oral cancer screening to ensure your mouth is free of abnormalities. We’ll discuss your medical history to understand any factors that could impact your oral health. Moreover, our team will provide guidance on dental hygiene and lifestyle habits, equipping you with the knowledge to maintain good oral health.

Teeth Cleaning Process

Our skilled dental hygienist will handle the teeth cleaning portion of your visit. They will meticulously remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, gums, and especially along the gum line, an area often missed during daily brushing.

The cleaning process, often called a scale and clean, includes polishing and a fluoride treatment to protect your natural teeth against tooth decay.

Post-cleaning, your Perth dentist may share tips on brushing techniques, managing conditions like dry mouth, and preventing tooth loss. Our goal is to provide you with a professional dental cleaning experience that enhances your smile and educates you on maintaining it. The insights gained from each regular check-up prepare you for a healthier dental future, with treatment options discussed for any further treatment needs.

Scheduling Follow-Up Appointments

Before you leave, it’s a good practice to schedule your next check-up and clean. Typically, it’s advised to have these sessions every six months to keep on top of any potential dental problems. However, your Perth dentist may recommend a different schedule tailored to your needs, ensuring your dental health remains on the right track.

Maintaining your oral health is not just about establishing a good routine; it’s also about knowing the common threats and how to deal with them. Here are some dental problems that may compromise your dental and general health if you do not practice good oral hygiene.

check up and clean

Does Private Health Insurance Cover Dental Check-Ups?

Dental check-ups are often covered under private health insurance policies, which can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket dental check-up cost for individuals. The extent of coverage can vary widely among different insurance providers and plans.

Some plans may cover the entire cost of a routine check-up, which typically includes an examination and cleaning, while others might cover only a portion of the cost.

You should check with your insurance provider to understand the coverage specifics and any other dental services that might be included in your plan.

Discover Unmatched Dental Care at Acts Dental

At Acts Dental, we go above and beyond to ensure your journey towards optimal oral health is smooth, comfortable, and rewarding. Our comprehensive check-up and clean services are meticulously designed to cater to your unique dental needs while providing a thorough understanding of your dental health.

We are  Bupa preferred provider, Medibank preferred provider, HBF preferred provider, HCF preferred provider, and Nib preferred provider in Perth. As a preferred provider, you not only benefit from our high-quality dental services but also have the opportunity to receive 1 to 2 free check-ups and cleanings each year if you have private insurance. Please visit our health funds page or contact your insurer for specific details on this valuable offer. Our commitment is to provide you with the best dental care while maximizing the advantages of your private insurance coverage.

We invite you to experience superior dental care in a warm and friendly environment that sets the benchmark for excellence in Perth. Book an appointment online or by calling us at (08) 9474 5083.

check up and clean
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