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Dental Braces

What Are Dental Braces?

Stepping into the time-tested world of orthodontics, metal braces offer a reliable and effective pathway to achieving that perfect smile. Harnessing the power of durable brackets and wires, these traditional braces have been trusted for years to deliver consistent and lasting results. While they may lack the invisibility of their clear aligner counterparts, their strength and precision in tackling even the most complex dental misalignments are unparalleled. Just like clear aligners, the journey with metal braces starts with a detailed dental examination and consultation. At our dental clinic in Perth, we offer personalized treatment, tailored to the unique alignment needs of each patient. 

The Process of Getting Braces

Initial Consultation

The journey to a better smile with dental braces begins with an initial consultation. In this primary stage, our  experienced dentists conduct an initial assessment of the patient’s oral health. The aim is to evaluate the condition of each tooth and the overall jaw alignment. During this phase, the dentist employs various diagnostic tools to map out the precise new position for each tooth.

Treatment Planning

Following this, a personalised treatment plan is established. This plan outlines the sequence of orthodontic treatments required to achieve the desired outcome. It is important to note that the plan varies for each individual, as the needs of most patients are distinct.

The primary function of teeth braces is to apply continuous pressure over a period of time to move teeth into new positions slowly. The braces work tirelessly to ensure teeth are moving to their rightful place.

The treatment is not always swift, and patience is required. Over time, as each tooth gradually shifts into its designated position, patients can witness the transformation of their smile. The duration of the treatment varies, but most patients begin to notice changes within a few months of getting their braces.

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are a crucial part of the treatment process. Visiting your orthodontist or dentist regularly allows them to check the treatment progress and make adjustments as needed. These appointments often involve having the braces adjusted to ensure they continue moving your teeth to the desired positions.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Whether you have metal braces or clear aligners, keeping them clean is crucial for your oral health. Use floss threaders to get between the braces and under the wires for fixed braces. Brush your teeth after each meal to remove food particles that can get stuck in your braces.

If you’re using clear aligners, remove them before each meal. Rinse them under running water and clean them daily with clear, mild soap. Don’t use toothpaste to clean your aligners, as it can be too abrasive and may scratch the plastic, causing them to become cloudy and less invisible.

dental braces perth

Foods to Avoid While Having Braces Treatment

Your dentist or orthodontist may suggest dietary modifications to safeguard your braces and promote optimal oral health while you wear braces.

Avoid hard foods like nuts and ice cubes, which could dislodge brackets or bend wires.

Chewy Foods, such as bagels and tough meats, can also strain your braces. Sticky foods like caramels and gummy candies might get trapped in braces and lead to decay.

Sugary foods can cause plaque build-up and cavities, while highly pigmented foods and drinks can stain the elastic bands on your teeth braces. Lastly, hard-edged foods like chips could scratch or irritate your mouth and gums.

Will Orthodontic Work Hurt?

Dental braces do not generally cause pain, but it is normal for them to feel strange or uncomfortable initially. This sensation is due to the new pressure to move the teeth into their correct positions. Over time, most patients get used to the feeling, and any initial discomfort typically subsides.

Metal Braces Cost

Metal braces’ cost can vary depending on several factors.

Metal braces can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $13,000, illustrating a significant range in price. This variation in cost is primarily due to factors such as the specific type or style of braces selected (for example, regular, ceramic, lingual, etc.), the complexity of your unique dental situation, and the coverage provided by your insurance plan, among other things​. Making an informed decision about getting teeth braces involves understanding these costs and planning accordingly.

Step into a new smile with Acts Dental

Our South Perth clinic is continently located 5 km South of Perth CBD and our skilled team is ready to provide a smooth and rewarding orthodontic experience. With various braces options and strong ties with top insurance providers, achieving your dream smile is both accessible and affordable. 

Don’t let the cost hold you back. Our partnerships with insurance leaders ensure your route to a stunning smile is financially comfortable. We take pride in being a Bupa preferred provider, Medibank preferred provider, HBF preferred provider, HCF preferred provider, and Nib preferred provider, allowing us to offer flexible payment plans and accommodate various health fund benefits.

Whether you prefer traditional metal braces or the more discreet ceramic ones, we have a solution to match your preference and budget.

Take the first step towards a lifetime of beautiful smiles and boosted confidence. Reach out to us at (08) 9474 5083 or click here to schedule your consultation. At Acts Dental, we’re not just providing braces; we’re crafting smiles that radiate confidence and joy.

dental braces perth

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