Roya Moulavi

Dr Roya Moulavi

Dr. Roya is a dedicated and compassionate dentist, renowned for her gentle and professional approach to dental care. Since completing her education in 2006, she has honed a deep knowledge and expertise in a variety of dental procedures. Dr. Roya is devoted to addressing the individual needs of her patients, ensuring each one receives personalised and effective treatment.

Dr. Roya Moulavi possesses exceptional expertise in managing and alleviating dental anxiety, making her a preferred choice for patients with dental fears. Her ability to foster a calm and welcoming environment, coupled with meticulous attention to patient needs, guarantees that even the most apprehensive individuals receive necessary treatments in a stress-free manner.

Her special interest in surgical dental treatments often attracts referrals from other general dentists. This facet of her practice showcases her ability to manage complex cases with care and precision.

Outside of her professional realm, Dr. Roya finds joy in spending quality time with her family and friends. She engages in activities such as reading, cooking, painting, and staying active, all of which contribute to her balanced and healthy lifestyle. This equilibrium is integral to her empathetic approach to patient care.

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